The only ADHD Toolset proven to redesign the way you live and work.


No matter how hard you try or what you do it seems impossible to stay focused and get all the things done on your daily and weekly to-do lists.

The Master Collection was designed specifically to empower you with the exact tools and strategies to use those tools to crush the 5 biggest ADD myths:

  1. Myth: You grow out of ADHD
    Fact: ADD and ADHD are brain functions based on an imbalance of chemicals, you cannot grow out of it.
  2. Myth: People with ADHD are mentally incapable
    Fact: ADHD are catalysts for higher function and have been leveraged to build business empires including Virgin America, IKEA, JetBlue, and many more.
  3. Myth: ADHD can only be treated with medication
    Fact:Reliance on medication forms a chemical dependency on non-natural substances. ADHD can be directly influenced by changing your bodies chemistry and reprogramming how your brain functions.
  4. Myth: Your brain is hardwired from the day you’re born and cannot be changed
    Fact: You bodies biology changes on it’s own every 7 years, but your brain (and the chemicals it produces) are directly impacted by your focus habits and the foods you put into your body.
  5. Myth: With ADHD you have to work harder to get as much done as those without the “disorder.”
    Fact: ADHD brains function faster, absorb more information, and process directives and tasks quicker than normal brains – we have the capacity to get 3-5x as much done as others without ADD.


Wouldn’t you love to work half as much and get 3x as much accomplished? You would open up a new experience of your life to spend more of your time doing what you enjoy most.

Do you want to do it without becoming a slave to your job and all of your daily tasks?

Do you want to eliminate gas, bloating, constipation, and other digestive health issues?

Would you like to rid yourself of your (at times) debilitating lack of focus by making some simple changes to the way you approach your daily to-do’s and the foods you eat? Or have energy levels you haven’t experienced since high school?

Imagine feeling ten years younger. How much that would impact your family and social life.

And how much more productive and financially successful you could be.


  1. How to design a schedule that let’s you get only the most important tasks done each day.
  2. Which normal, everyday foods are like poison for the ADHD brain.
  3. Why your current diet is fighting against you, and actually magnifying your ADD
  4. What tools are available to support the tactics that will drive up your ability to be productive.
  5. How to design your workspace around the way YOU work.
  6. How to score your to-do’s to focus only on what will “move the needle,” for you personally.
  7. The power of delegation in your daily life, and a framework for deciding what should be delegated (and to whom).
  8. How to design your perfect month, week, and day.
  1. How to create to-do lists you’ll actually use (and that actually work).
  2. How to discover when you should be working and what to be doing during those time slots.
  3. The importance of distractions and how to embrace them to work for you.
  4. How to utilize every moment of every day to get 8 hours of work done in as little as 2-3 hours.
  5. How to re-center yourself in only 5 minutes and take control of your focus.
  6. What foods to avoid and what you should be using to replace them.
  7. The medical research showing small changes to the intake of specific byproducts is a catalyst driving our lack of focus.


The Master Collection is a digital eBook available for Instant Download

You can read it on your computer or your favorite e-reader like Kindle.