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What Folks are Saying About ADD Hero

I first realized ADD was my super power a few years ago. I learned to work with it instead of fighting it. Meditation replaced medication, but self imposed structure was still my kryptonite.  I’ve found some tips here and there but ADD Hero has given the world the first complete ADD Utility Belt.

Dave Gloss
2x Entrepreneur and Award Winning Film Producer DaveGloss.com

ADD Hero gives great insight into focused strategies to stay on task. Scheduling concentrated distractions is a great strategy and one of my favorites.

Matt Monihan
Co-Founder, Voyager Scientific Voyager.vc

At times I find my ADD to be a painful diversion from achieving my goals, while other times I have the most intense focus imaginable – and can handle impossible amounts of work. ADD Hero provides an awesome and straight-forward set of practical tools for unleashing my ADD.

Jeff Gibbard
Founder, True Voice Media True Voice Media

The concentrated distraction strategy is really interesting; I’ve had dumbbells parked behind my desk for over a year, and I think you just convinced me to start using them. I also totally agree with the ideas on engineering your focus, and have a few good focus playlists that work for me, like Deep Focus.

Joe Goldstein
Operations Director, Navolutions joeadamg.com

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The 5 Keys to Mastering Your ADD

  1. Focus is just like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets.
  2. Just like lifting weights, in order to get the best results, you need to do the right exercises.
  3. ADD is often unknowingly triggered by behaviors that release bad chemicals in your brain.
  4. You can re-program your brain to change how and when dopamine is released.
  5. Leveraging ADD to work for you requires a shift in mindset, which in turn shifts brain function.

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